Product Description

Unipoint can be installed easily in any metal or plastic case, both indoors and outdoors, regardless of the type of environment on a small or large scale. By joining one of Honeywell Analytic’s flammable, toxic or oxygen gas detector ranges, Unipoint offers the ability to configure them to monitor gases in various applications such as parking areas, boiler rooms or offshore drilling platforms.

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Unipoint comes in two versions: one for flammable gas detectors with catalytic filament and mV bridge and the other for the other two 4/20 mA or three-wire gas detectors. A special plug is provided with the purchase of the Unipoint for an ultra-easy installation using a DIN rail. In addition, removable termination connectors and individual Unipoint controllers can be changed easily without disturbing other devices.

Each device incorporates audio visual alarms and three alarm relays programmable by the user via an intuitive menu system with button. The system status information is displayed on the password-protected backlit LCD. It is also possible to disable and reset remote alarms and gas detectors without opening the Unipoint case.