Whether for your home, garage, personal warehouse or for small and large businesses, a combustible gas detector is essential to ensure the safety of staff and families. Fuel gases such as natural gas, methane (CH4), or hydrogen (H) in the air can cause asphyxiation, explosions, and even death. Detekta Solutions offers reliable and easy to use combustible gas detectors for many applications and various sectors. Simply contact us and we offer an exceptional service throughout the installation and maintenance needs.


The decomposition of organic matters in landfills produces a significant amount of biogas. Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are the two main biogas resulting from the decomposition process (combined, they represent about 95% of the biogas emitted from decomposition). Colorless, odorless and extremely flammable, CH4 and CO2 must be closely monitored in order to avoid explosions, contamination and pollution. Neglecting these toxic gases can threaten health, the environment, and populations. Gas detectors are thus more than important since they ensure a safe and efficient management of wastes and inherent vapors.

Boiler rooms and Mechanical rooms

Boiler rooms are good examples of hazardous spaces where gases emitted from the combustion of natural gas or oil can be found. These spaces are often places where the temperature reaches more than 35 degrees Celsius. in order to ensure a good safety level, it’s important to have toxic or flammable gas detectors suitable for boiler rooms. In the case where the exhaust system connected to a boiler room fails, a gas detector will promptly notify nearby people thus avoiding the possibility of explosion or poisoning.

Mechanical rooms are very often confined spaces with little air circulation. Machinery may emit CO, oil mist, propane, or other chemical vapors. In the case of a heating system, gas leakage can spread throughout the building and asphyxiate people. With its gas detectors, Detekta Solutions ensures good air quality both in mechanical rooms or for any external systems connected to it.

Commercial Kitchens or Restaurants

Natural gas or propane cookers provide an incomparable performance level. However, gas leaks can contaminate food, poison customers and staff, as well as cause explosions. Even when in contact with heats, Detekta Solutions’s carbon monoxide (CO), propane (C3H8), and natural gas (CH4) detectors are simple and efficient. Avoid neglecting the health of workers and food quality by providing one of our gas detectors suitable for commercial kitchens and restaurants.