Refrigerant gases are used to keep a low temperature in some controlled places. However, these can cause environmental damages as well as health problems. Refrigerant gases such as ammonia (NH3) and Freon (HCFC or CFC) are often lighter than air and sometimes difficult to identify because of their subtle odor. It is thus important to monitor these gases in order to avoid fainting or damage to respiratory tract. Detekta Solutions offers several gas detectors suitable for commercial, industrial, and personal applications such as arenas and refrigerators. You will consequently be certain to protect the environment, your employees, and civilians with confidence without neglecting productivity.

Mechanical Rooms

Mechanical rooms are very often confined spaces with little air circulation. Machinery may emit CO, oil mist, propane, or other chemical vapors. In the case of a heating system, gas leakage can spread throughout the building and asphyxiate people. With its gas detectors, Detekta Solutions ensures good air quality both in mechanical rooms or for any external systems connected to it.


Ventilation is not sufficient in refrigerated warehouses or arenas. Gas leaks associated with the use of Freon cooling systems can cause damages similar to carbon oxide. In addition, ammonia and CO2 can cause significant damage to health, such as breathing difficulties, and even death. Often in enclosed or covered areas, it is important to have CO2 or ammonia detectors in order to avoid gas buildups and ensure compliance with the standards of the MDDEFP, the MTQ, the MAPAQ, the CSST, and the MSP.

Food Processing

In order to identify potential hazards associated with food processing, it is important to control ambient gases that can potentially come into contact with food. Gas detectors minimize the risk of cross-contaminations with outside air or gas leaking from any refrigeration systems. According to Health Canada, the gases used in the conditioning of the atmosphere can affect the quality and shelf life of your products. Detekta Solutions offers you a wide range of products that do not only protect workers, but also those who consume processed products.