Product Description

TouchPoint Plus is an easily configurable wall control system that supports up to sixteen gas detection channels. Its intuitive user interface and modular approach allow you to take control and configure what you need for a wide range of applications.

TouchPoint Plus’s exclusive user interface provides an unparalleled experience. Operators can thus ensure optimum protection and performance by controlling any specific requirements in a customized way in real time. The simplified user interface makes it possible to quickly know the status of your system.

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Durable and versatile, TouchPoint Plus is waterproof and made of impact-resistant polymer plastic for an optimal protection in the most extreme environments. The back of the lid is specially designed to accommodate costs and reduce installation time.

TouchPoint Plus provides a reliable, state-of-the-art security solution for small-scale gas detection systems in a wide range of applications and industries. The system is designed to control actuators, as well as audible and visual alarms. The TouchPoint Plus is a complete and fully configurable solution.

TouchPoint Plus is also configurable in one hand thanks to its touch screen and status lights in the colors of the traffic lights. Suitable for a wide range of industries, the TouchPoint Plus is designed to be ergonomic and performant.