Product Description

The Satellite XT is the choice in terms of toxicity detector for governments and high-tech sectors. It detects a wide range of toxic, corrosive and flammable gases in the air for several applications. The Satellite XT uses LonWorks™ electrochemical cell technology for greater reliability and accuracy.

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Depending on your needs and regardless of whether access is difficult or remote, you can choose accessories specially adapted to your environments to be monitored. It is therefore the ideal detector for gas cabinets in laboratories or industrial applications and collector boxes

Each Satellite XT digital transmitter has a unique address in order to use it on a LonWorks™ network. The unique address allows him to participate in a community of other smart devices of the same network. Alarm information is displayed locally on the satellite and transmitted over the LonWorks™ network for use by other devices connected to it directly on the application. The Satellite XT can also be programmed entirely according to your needs depending on the type of gas to be monitored.