Product Description

The Midas is specially designed for the production of semiconductors. It is capable of simultaneously detecting 35 toxic and flammable gases in ambient air and is guaranteed for two years.

Because of its intelligent sensor cartridge with built-in calibration certificate and robust pump, the Midas can detect any gases within a 30-meter radius while maintaining a flow rate of
500mL per minute. Thanks to its quality, it is needless to say that it is a leader in its expertise and offers incomparable reliability.

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The Midas gas detector features LED indicators and an intuitive interactive interface. The interface is protected by a password that secures configuration, testing and calibration. Completed by the technology Chemcassette®, the Midas is able to detect the slightest particle of toxic gas in the air in part per billion (ppb).

The Midas is also suitable for many industrial applications such as aerospace, water treatment, semiconductor manufacturing, university laboratories, light industrial manufacturing and many others. In case you need assistance, Honeywell Analytics offers a 24/7 service.

The Midas gas sensor also has an analogue output from 0-22 mA with an event fault report. It is easy to archive and communicate with its Modbus/TCP Ethernet connectivity. The TemPraSure™ Compensation Technology System provides unmatched security for your buildings.