Product Description

The 301C controller ensures high-end safety with the continuous monitoring of toxic vapors, fuels, oxygen as well as any inherent hazards associated with these gases. The 301C allows up to 96 transmitters to be connected on 3 input channels. Its Modbus RS-485 protocol ensures a good control of the communications, which reduces energy consumption and material expenditure without carrying out the relay.

Zoning features allow you to collect and compare multiple results simultaneously. In case of temporary gas fluctuations, zoning features offer the possibility to limit the activation of alarms as long as the concentration range is respected. A maximum of 50 wireless transmitters can be associated with 126 zones and can control an unlimited number of zones.

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The 301C controller requires no maintenance because of its self-testing and is inexpensive as well as reliable. It can manage 126 different zones and up to 768 events, which extends the life of your ventilation systems.

The 301C is compatible with Modbus and BACnet/IP is also available. Its extension with up to 96 transmitters or relay modules and 50 Vulcain 301W wireless sensors makes it one of the best on the market. The 301C also has several visual indicators and built-in alarm levels (65 dBA) in addition to fully programmable relays.