Product Description

The detection system dedicated to governments and the advanced technology sector ACM 150 detects almost any gases, chemical vapors, and odors at several different points. The ACM 150 is the system with the best performance since can detect up to 40 points sequentially and 80 configurable relay points. It also offers the possibility of sampling composite samples in 4 different measurement points.

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The ACM 150 uses IR-TF infrared spectroscopy as an analytical method and offers the best LDL performance. With a reading rate lower than or equal to 15 seconds per point, it calculates the gas cell trajectory in a radius of 5.0 meters. Detection points can be placed in a single central facility such as gas and chemical storage units, gas cabinets, distribution boxes, processing tools, emission and monitoring ambient air.

Reducing maintenance costs and lowering the possibility of human errors, the ACM 150 can detect up to 15 gases per measurement point and its self-diagnosis can detect critical faults and alarms. Indeed, the alarm communications system meets the requirements of Lonworks®, ControlNet ™, Modbus®, Profibus®.