Product Description

The Vertex M can monitor from 8 to 24 points and upgrade or improve certain toxic gas monitoring systems with Chemcassette® technology. The long-life cassettes of the Vertex M offer exceptional reliability and function for 90 days. It shall be your first option when it comes to combining it with an analyzer as it easily integrates with industrial automation or HMI systems.

The Vertex M is a detector of choice for semiconductor, photovoltaic, nanotechnology, specialty chemical, and laboratory applications. In addition to simple access to components, its versatility makes it a leader on the market since it can monitor more than 40 different gases.

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The Vertex M can be powered with a 100 V or 220 V electric output. Chemcassette® monitoring technology ensures 90-day reliability and accuracy for several types of applications. With its touch screen that facilitates access to data, it is therefore an easy to use and requires little maintenance. Indeed, no dynamic calibration or flow balancing is required. In addition, an interactive electronic manual is available on-screen.

The Vertex M supports up to 24 points to provides the ability to split analyzes at multiple points and to reduce ownership costs. Simply have an environment between 59 °F to 95 °F (15 °C to 35 °C) and with a relative humidity of 20 to 65%.

As an option, the Vertex M is available with Ethernet / CIP, LonWorks, DeviceNet, DF1Interface, PROFIBUS, Modbus Plus, Modbus / TCP and ControlNet outputs. Simply set your needs and you are good to go.