Product Description

The FSXs are fire and flame detectors equipped with a triple infrared multispectrum technology. The sophisticated software algorithms and the two microprocessors inside the FSX allow an advanced level in terms of detection and rejection of false alarms. Needless to mention that FSK detectors have advanced sensitivity, but the sensitivity of these are also adjustable in order to adapt to your needs for several applications. Regardless of weather conditions, all types of fires can be detected in a 60-meters radius.

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The FSX family of fire detectors detects all types of fires. Simply place the detector in a location with a relative humidity of 5 to 98% and the software algorithms and infrared technologies WideBand IMRC ensures a fast and reliable response time. Both microprocessors provide seamless operation and even allow the detector to detect fires through the glass, yet with lower sensitivity and slower reaction time.

The data collected by the FSX detectors is transmitted on the FirePic flash memory to allow analysis of fire conditions to determine its causes. In addition to improving the flexibility of the interface, each detector has a slave microprocessor that manages the data storage and performs self-diagnostics

The field-of-view of the FSX family of sensors has a wide detecting ability that reduces the number of detectors needed for your applications. The real-time Real-Time Graphing (RTG™) graphical display makes it easy to see the status of the sensor. The FSX family of fire detectors is FM, ATEX and CE certified in addition to SIL 2 requirements.