BW Clip 1

Product Description

The BW Clip Series of single-gas detectors is the simplest, reliable, and economic option that guarantees security, compliance, and productivity. The BW Clip Series of monogas detectors provides up to three years of maintenance-free operation. Simply turn on the device and it runs continuously.

One of the great assets of the BW Series is that you do not need to replace or recharge the battery, which means a reliable and constant protection with reduced downtime. The detectors are compact, lightweight and easy to handle with their one-button operation.


For the most accurate archiving and outstanding safety, the BW Clip Series is designed with an internal automated test as well as an automatic logging of the 35 most recent events. The industrial BW Clip series is also compatible with the docking station MicroDock II and the software Fleet Manager II. Both detectors are compatible with IntelliDoX software for extremely fast bump tests, quick tracking and setting.

Depending on how you use the BW Clip series, the detectors are available with an autonomy of two to three years for the detection of H2S or CO, and two years for O2 or SO2. Even in an extreme climate, the unique hibernation case provides protection for up to two years for H2S or CO.


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