IntelliDox 1

Product Description

The IntelliDoX system links your intelligent home modules with the software Fleet Manager II. Linking both modules allows to automate instrument and data management for the BW Clip, GasAlertMicroClip and ConneX1 series. It thus helps you increase productivity, reliability, and the efficiency of your operations.

IntelliDoX automatically starts operations according to the specifications defined by Fleet Manager II. IntelliDoX reconfigures the detector alarm thresholds and performs functional tests quickly and reliably. The software also allows to analyze data from each gas detector, make reports, and send reminder emails to staff.


Its LCD display and built-in keypad allow for autonomous operations. By grouping multiple modules, you can perform multiple operations for multiple detectors at a time, making feature testing quick and efficient. IntelliDox can test 50 detectors in less than 120 seconds.

IntelloDoX offers the possibility to view results from feature tests, send electronic notifications, and file history quickly and effortlessly. Its operation provides an outstanding industry-standard safety. IntelloDox delivers results faster than any other device on the market, increasing efficiency and better safety related with gas leaks.

With its maximum flexibility, IntelliDoX sends a warning signal when a test has to be performed. In addition to being independent and even with more than 5 modules at a time, this detector requires no tools and is readable by network drive or USB. Data transfers are also possible and easy via Ethernet or USB to your computer.


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