Manning AirScan

Product Description

The Manning AirScan iR Infrared Refrigerant Sensor reacts to a concentration between 0 and 3,000 ppm. The Manning AirScan iR is manufactured with SensorCheck™ technology, which ensures that the sensor operates at all times. It can work for several years without losing its initial performance.

The Manning AirScan iR is a “broadcast” type of sensor and does not require any filter pumps to monitor all detection points permanently. It is also shock-resistant and reliable at all temperatures thanks to its metallic bench structure.


Manning AirScan iR is a sensor suitable for the fields of food processing and refrigerant gases. It reacts quickly to R-404a, R-22, R-507 or R-134a gases and provides continuous internal monitoring of a 4/20 continuous loop circuit.

Food warehouses, production or processing plants, arenas, and any other places that have a refrigeration system can be secured with Manning AirScan iR. It operates between 0 and 3,000 ppm and does not require a filter pump.

With ATMOS™ technology, Manning AirScan iR can operate in a temperatures as cold as -60 °F (-50 °C) and in a humid environment. Manufactured with SensorCheck™ technology, it ensures the operating parameters of the sensors and notifies in case of anomaly. In addition, Manning AirScan iR is shielded against radio interference.


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