Product Description

Manning GM-JR is specially designed for the industrial refrigeration sector with a customized computer control system. Manning GM-JR enables the integration of a gas monitoring system into the computer control system while providing access to remote information.

Whatever its connection or configuration, it has an easily adjustable set point and a relay output in addition to a 4/20 mA output in the intermediate design. Manning GM-JR’s individual power supply therefore provides an economical solution to increase the level of security of applications.

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The rugged NEMA 1 steel case acts as a stand-alone alarm unit with a single board and can be used as a stand-alone alarm unit “end of line” or transmit the 4/20 mA sensor signal Via a PLC (programmable logic controller). The gradation LED bar graph on the housing provides information about customized settings that are made with 5% increments. In the event of a breakdown, the sensor stabilizes rapidly with a turn-on delay.