Product Description

XNX™ Universal Transmitter supports a wide variety of electrochemical as well as infrared and catalytic filament gas detectors in a single platform. Thanks to a digital bus system and its interface available in seven different languages, XNX™ requires little maintenance and is easy to use. It provides support for alarms with LEDs and a large matrix display in addition to Searchline Excel, Optima and several other Honeywell Analytics gas detectors. This low-maintenance transmitter also works with standard controllers and third-party gas monitoring systems.

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XNX™ uses standard 4/20 mA wiring as well as the HART protocol. It works with several options including Modbus, Fieldbus and offers the possibility of connecting up to three relays. It also offers a local Hart adapter for configuration and diagnostics with existing HART handheld devices.

In addition to explosion-proof safety standards in upstream/downstream areas, XNX™ meets the Class 1 and 2 intrinsic safety specifications of the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, wastewater treatment and other industries.

The XNX™ housing is available in aluminum or stainless steel suited for many industrial sectors, even in marine environments. It has five threaded ports available in either digital or NPT versions and several mounting options for easy and efficient installation.