Product Description

The System 57 intelligent controller collects data from your toxic and flammable gas detectors, manual alarm and heat triggers, as well as smoke and flame in one place. With a variety of relay output options, System 57 offers great flexibility for your needs no matter what your application.

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System 57 operates in environments with a temperature between -5 and + 55 ° C and a relative humidity of 0 to 90%, but can be stored between -25 to + 55 ° C. The System 57 Intelligent Controller can be installed in a wall mounting cabinet or in a mounting rack with panels.

The states and data are displayed in analogue, bar graph or digital form on a high-quality backlit LCD display in 4 zones. The 5701 single-channel board and the 5704 four-channel board offer the choice of two input options: one for the catalytic type and one for the sensors and transmitters from 4/20 mA.

The System 57 offers 3 levels of alarm: individual, zoned, voted, master, time delayed, update and raise alarm facilities. The System 57 intelligent controller can support up to 60 fire zones per 19-inch rack.