Product Description

The SS Series of electro-optical flame detectors have an advanced UV and UV / IR technology for a multitude of applications. These detectors detect radiant energy in ultraviolet (UV) spectra and visible spectra and Wide Infared (IR). These spectra will warn the detector in case of fire or abnormal heat. It works perfectly for fires caused by hydrocarbons such as hydrogen, ethanol, methanol and methane.

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The SS series detectors are compatible with several alarm panels. Each detector has a flameproof enclosure in order to protect the software algorithms and its microcomputer with information relating to the data of the state of the sensor.

The alarm levels can be determined by the user according to the needs and characteristics of the application. This avoids practically the possibility of false alarms without preventing the detection of all types of fire. The detectors of the SS Series respond more specifically to flames fires of types A, B and C.