Product Description

The HA71 digital controller works for up to 16 different inputs and its units provide up to 160 detection points to meet your needs in several types of applications. Its graphic bar graphic LCD and technical units display trend data monitoring data. Its non-volatile memory makes it possible to record the data indefinitely without any chance of loss.

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The Modbus master port and the I2C RS-485 Modbus slave port also gather the data collected by sensors in engineering units in one place. The HA-71-HMI software allows data to be displayed in real time over 24 hours or 15 minutes. The HA71 is foolproof since it has no moving parts, making it versatile to operate in a wide range of applications with temperatures between -25 ° C and +50 ° C.

The Modbus RS-485 slave port also offers the possibility of cascading 128 HA71 by connecting it to other units. Simply connect 2 cards to each 8-channel slot with standard phone-type cables and connectors. All you need is a 100-240 VAC/24 VDC power supply and the HA71 offers you state-of-the-art reliability in the gas detector industry.