Product Description

While the HA20 Digital Controller offers simultaneous display and alarm functions for two transducers at a time, the HA40 operates for four transducers at a time. These two digital controllers process the information in regard to the concentration of gas in the atmosphere in one place.

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The HA20 and HA40 is that offer the possibility of being paired with a hazardous fire or gas detectors. It also operates on its own while respecting the safety standards of the CSA for Class 1, Div.2, and Groups A, B, C, D.

In addition to its NEMA4X casing, several options of explosion-proof wall boxes are available. The HA20 and HA40 have a large graphic LCD screen that displays the data collected by the sensors. It is possible to set the calibration operation with a single button, which makes it possible to change from the mode “zero” to “calibration” and vice versa remotely even in potentially dangerous places. The HA20 and HA40 work best in environments with temperatures between -25 ° C and +50 ° C.

The HA20 and HA40 control two or four external devices with a 24 Vdc to 8-watt voltage. The HA20 and HA40 also have three independent alarm levels per channel and its relay acknowledgment function allows remote control of devices in the event of an alarm. The three SPDT alarm levels for alert, audible, high, warning or error signals are also visible on the LCD screen and with its LED indicators.