Detekta Solutions is a company specialized in gas detection equipment. No matter what your needs in terms of gas detection or air quality monitoring equipment are, we offer customized solutions for any applications Our primary mission is to protect people, equipment, facilities, and your bottom line.

Composed of managers with over 30 years of experience in the field, Detekta Solutions acts as a manufacturing agent. We operate an authorized service center that offers Honeywell Analytics gas detection products. We thus offer a full range of high-end performance systems to protect occupants, property, as well as the environment against the risks associated with the use of dangerous substances such as toxic and combustible gases.

Our proposed solutions use innovative gas sensing and air quality assessment technologies. The reliability of our products, the competence, and professionalism of our partners make Detekta Solutions a recognized business on commercial and industrial markets.

We recognize the importance of protecting your working environment and at Detekta Solutions, customer service is our main concern. From the initial request to the final step, our specialists remain at your disposal in order to provide customers with relevant and accurate expertise and advice.

There are four good reasons to choose Detekta Solutions: security, energy efficiency, technical expertise, and the quality of our customer service.

We have the training, the experience, and the resources to help you maximize the safety and the efficiency of your gas detection systems. Whether it is a covered parking or any local or external mechanical equipment, our service technicians and our support team have the best expertise in gas detection solutions.

Our expertise

« Our expertise The thorough knowledge of installation procedures, adjustment, maintenance, as well as the use of appropriate tools guarantee an optimal service quality. »

Detekta Solutions has a qualified and experienced team to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our experienced technicians have a deep knowledge of equipment and provide the commissioning and maintenance of its various components.

Our service technicians have received a specialized gas detection training as well as several certification safety programs. They also cumulated many years of experience in repair and gas detection equipment maintenance.

Our technicians are highly qualified to install and maintain your equipment. They can meet any challenge, regardless of its size. From calibrating autonomous gas detectors to maintaining fully addressable systems, they always find the ideal solution to fulfill your needs.

Our maintenance programs optimize uptime and our range of calibration services will help you to reduce downtime.

At Detekta Solutions, we offer an outstanding customer service. Either on premises or by phone, we can handle a large number of service requests throughout the life of your equipment.

Our company and staff can also assist you during the implementation process of commissioning new systems and for the calibration and maintenance of existing systems. Let us help you to design a more secure environment in order to protect the occupants of your building, reduce energy costs, and create a renewable energy value.